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A new guitar player on the block - YOU!

I was definitely not born with any musical ability, nor was I ever really interested in music as a teenager. If you asked me to name which band wrote which song, I would reply with a stare. To put it simply, I had no interest in music at all, and even less musical ability.

That all changed the day the Lord told me He had called me to be a prophet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I had this deep desire to worship the Lord and spend hours in His presence.

I had a hunger to get to church early to spend time with Him in His presence. I would be there just to get in the Spirit as the worship team practiced. I would go to Wednesday night bible studies more for the worship than the Word. What can I say, I'm a prophet!

But, no matter how much I hung around church and enjoyed those times of worship, I kept feeling a drawing into His presence. I looked at some of my friends who could play guitar and wished that I could play too, not to play covers of some worldly band but just to worship the Lord.

For a long time, I just quenched that desire because I knew I wasn't a musical person. However, there was a fire shut up in my bones to be able to worship the Lord using an instrument.

When I finally took the plunge and learned how to play the guitar, I found that it was like a key that opened up a door to a new realm. Each time I could just play my guitar and sing in tongues, and Jesus was there. I didn't have to speak in tongues for hours before the glory came. A few strums of the guitar, and He was there.

When my heart was so troubled that I couldn't hear His voice, being able to worship using my guitar helped me to break through the clouds that surrounded me until I could see clearly again. It is through worship that I came to know Jesus face-to-face and see all that He had for me.

So, why am I telling you all this? Quite simply because if you are like I was and think that you can't learn how to play the guitar, I want to let you know that you can. We are releasing a brand new course by Apostle Philip Sager called Worship Using The Guitar!

If you have been feeling that same hunger that I described above, a desire to press into His presence more, learning to worship using the guitar is the best investment you will ever make. I mean it.

There have been more times than I can count where I faced a spiritual battle and didn't know what was going on. But when I chose to worship the Lord, I got a breakthrough. There have been times when I needed a touch from the Lord, and all I needed to do was spend a few minutes on the guitar worshiping Him. My spirit was revived.

Now, there are a lot of teachers out there who can teach you how to play guitar. In fact, I also had such a teacher. He was a great guitar player but had zero anointing. It took learning from my mentor to play with the anointing. If you want to be anointed in your guitar playing and minister to others in worship, then you need to learn from someone who is called and anointed.

Philip Sager is definitely anointed and appointed, and best of all, I know that if you receive what he has to teach you, your relationship with the Lord will go to new heights. You will learn how to release the anointing to others.

Oh, I nearly forgot the best part of it all. If you sign up now, you can dial in online for each lesson and watch it LIVE. That means you get to ask questions and get answers to them right away. If you are serious about learning to worship using the guitar, then you don't want to miss this offer.

In closing, are you ready to be able to enter the Lord's presence with music whenever you want? Do you have a passion for writing songs? Do you desire to minister in music? Then, you want to get this course.

The first lesson starts November 24, 2015. So, pick up your guitar, head over to, and enroll. I promise you – your life will never be the same, and you will receive a vital tool for your walk with the Lord!

In His Love,

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader

AMI South Africa

P.S. Oh yeah. In case you didn't know it yet — we love you guys in South Africa. To show you how much, we reduced the price of Worship Using the Guitar by R600 compared to what it costs in the USA. So you actually are getting a double blessing. Make sure you check it out today!


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