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Called to Succeed
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Craig and I could use your help on this one...

My dad was a computer programmer, so when the internet first came out, we were the first standing in line to want it! What an amazing concept! We were living in Edenvale, Johannesburg at the time, but suddenly boundaries were removed and the world became a lot smaller. It was not long after that, that the Lord sent Craig and I to begin traveling abroad and go into full-time ministry. The internet was a lifesaver when we were living in Mexico. We could not speak a word of the language and going online was our way to find out more about the world around us.

It just exploded from there. A.M.I. started out with humble beginnings - a mailing list and a small website. Since then, Apostolic Movement has indeed become International! From the moment that we started preaching, our materials could be made available right away! Before long, Ebooks and MP3s took the stage and our ministry exploded.

I guess we were in the right place at the right time. Today there are thousands that continue to hear that they are not alone and that their call is of God - through one of our materials. At our latest seminar in Fresno, California we could immediately upload each message to YouTube as they were preached. I imagine what Apostle Paul could have done with that? I think he would probably have a daily FaceTime with Timothy over church matters :)

As the Lord had us return to establish something in South Africa in March 2014 - the land where we were born - we were humbled to be able to bring with us everything that God did in the last 17 years. We have had our fair share of obstacles, but the Lord has encouraged us and our resident team!

Our greatest conflict is how much it costs us to get our printed materials into the country. Whether we have them printed locally or ship them in... the prices are very high. This frustrates us, because many of the people we work with simply cannot afford it. What humbles us even more is that not a single person we have worked with in Africa has ever complained or asked for "a special price." This has inspired us even more to bring alternative options to you.

The truth is that the Lord is moving in His Church all over the world. The Fivefold Ministry is being resurrected and with it a need to call out all the hidden warriors hanging out in the wilderness. And so in the months to follow, we will be making a strong effort at alternative ways of getting these materials to you!

With postal issues and high import duties... providing more materials digitally is an attractive option. I know that personally I could not live without my kindle. It has traveled over numerous oceans with me and still keeps 8 bible versions, our library of books, all my favorite authors and many more - right by my side. Every night before turning off the light (no matter which country I am in) I can pull a classic out of my library and be encouraged.

Now for some who are not used to Ebooks and MP3s, it can be a bit daunting. To help you guys, we are doing something quite exciting and what we feel is the leading of the Lord.

We are going to provide the option for you to purchase a Jump Drive with any digital orders that you make. We will then put your digital orders on that drive and ship it to your home. While you wait for it to arrive, you can download them to your computer. If you live close to our office and you have your own jump drive, then you are welcome to drive by and ask one of the team to copy your digital order to it for you!

We want to start a DIGITAL REVOLUTION! Not only does it help lower prices for everyone, but it means that this message can spread across the country faster than ever before. So we are asking you guys to help us out here.

What concerns do you have about ordering Ebooks or other downloadable products? What other suggestions do you have for us to make this transition easier for everyone?

If there is one thing that we have learned, it is that we cannot change this world alone. We need you and every other believer to do it. Together with our team in South Africa, we are doing all we can to make this a reality. If there is one boast (if I might say that) about the churches in South Africa, it is that they have always been on the forefront of what God is doing in the Church Internationally!

Prophetic dance? That was common in my church before we left South Africa - yet in other countries, they just recently felt the move of God in this area. The Fivefold Ministry? The prophetic was rampant by the time we left! In fact it was one of the reasons God sent us out!

And now we must move forward technologically also. God is moving people - He is bringing a revival to His church and it is not going to happen in just one country. We are going to see it happen all over the world simultaneously. We must use everything we have at our disposal to get the word out and to prepare the hidden warriors for it!

Ok... now I am on my soapbox :) I am going to leave it there and simply say that although you do not hear from Craig and I a lot, that you remain on our hearts and we are very much involved with what God is doing in the Churches in Africa and we feel the anticipation of a mighty wave picking us up into God's perfect plan!

With Love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

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