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Called to Succeed
May this word be the wind beneath your wings. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness? My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing... Click Here to Read More

God has a Message for You - Can you Hear It?

One day, my buddy was walking through the wilderness, and out of nowhere, this bush started on fire! He tried to avoid this bush that was on fire, but he could not help but notice, though the bush was a blazing inferno, the bush itself was not burning up.

My buddy started to take notice of this bush when the inconceivable happened! God started talking to him and gave him instructions for the people that God was calling to follow him. All right, by now you realize that I am talking about my buddy Moses and his encounter with God at Mount Horeb.

I began this letter the way I did for a purpose. I want you to see something clearly. Moses is not my buddy in the way that you were picturing in your mind, no less he is my buddy. Moses is a biblical hero of mine, and we trust in the same God, hence I call him my buddy. The correlation that I want you to see is this - God is just as much your buddy as Moses is your buddy!

I don’t need to know your story to know that you have had an encounter with God. The simple fact that you are receiving this letter tells me God has been directing your steps whether you saw a burning bush or not! Is it possible that you had a burning bush experience, and you were so caught up in what YOU were doing that you missed it?

You see, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is speaking to you 24 hours a day, but you are missing it! I can say this with boldness because I am just like you. I have missed the Lord speaking to me so many times. Honestly, I have even ignored what He was saying many times, as I wanted to follow what my eyes could see and do my own thing.

You know what happened then? I started to hit walls. As much as I would strive, the things I was trying to accomplish just would not come right! I kept pressing and pushing much like the Israelites that Moses was leading out of the desert.

I had tried everything I could think of to get myself where God wanted me, but I failed time and time again. I took on many forms of godliness, but it was all in vain. Works were not going to change my situation!

Then one day, I got to the end of myself. I had tried all I could try. There was only one way out, and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to submit myself to the Lord and say yes to what He was calling me to if I wanted to see things turn around! So, I got on my face before God and told Him that I was sorry for running and doing my own thing.

It was at this point the bush was burning right there in my bedroom! The Lord said to me, "It's ok my child, will you follow me now?" I did not hesitate. My answer was, "Yes Lord! I will do what you want, and I will follow the path that you have ordained for me to walk on!"

Suddenly, the things in my life came right! The Lord started showing me the way, and I just had to keep my eyes focused on Him. He was faithful to lead me out of my wilderness. He plopped me right into His plan. My life was transformed by this meeting, and the Lord has been faithful to lead me every step of the way!

Through this, He has created in me a passion, a passion to see you have this experience - an experience with your creator! God is speaking to you right now! Can you hear Him? If you are struggling to hear Him, I want to help you out! I want you to hear His voice clearly! I want you to walk in the freedom and blessing that the Lord has for you, not for your gain but that God may be glorified through you!

If you need help to hear the Lord speak to you, I have a couple of great suggestions for you. The first one is to get your hands on the book called How to Hear the Voice of God, by my Mom Apostle Colette Toach. She not only beautifully lays out her teaching in such a way that a child can understand it, but she also includes a workbook with practical application projects so you can apply what you are learning.

I know that you will hear the Lord speak to you clearly as you go through this book! The Lord wants to communicate with you, so go fetch this book now and strike up a conversation with the Lord today! Find out more at AMISA Bookshop.

You can also join us live in Johannesburg for a How to Hear the voice of God Workshop on October 24, 2015. For details or to register please visit

Kelly Dusek
AMI Minister
A.M.I. South Africa

Phone: 071-056-6321 (WhatsApp is available also)
Address: 4 Main Road, #3, Farrarmere Benoni, 1501
Hours of operation: 07h30 - 16h30, Tuesday - Friday

How to Hear the Voice of God WORKSHOP

Hosted by the AMISA Team on October 24

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