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Put Your Hands To The Plow!

It is so amazing to see how when something is free, it is not very often appreciated. Sure, you appreciate the fact that it was free. But, if you are honest, you don’t treasure it the same way you would if you had to pay a price to get it.

When it comes to carrying out your ministry - whatever that might be - this fact of human nature holds true. Your calling came for free. God looked down through time at you, and before you were born, gave you an invitation to be a part of making His plans come to pass.

But, although that was free, there often comes an error in our thinking in that we think that everything in our spiritual lives must be free as well. We confuse the Lord’s grace in saving and calling us for our responsibility to work - and sometimes wrestle - with the things He has called us to do.

If you look in the Word, there are plenty of examples of how God didn’t just give everything to His people easily. The children of Israel had to fight for their promised land. Paul had to use the Lord’s grace for the thorn in his flesh. Timothy was instructed to ‘stir up’ the gift of God that was imparted to him by the laying on of hands.

In fact, it says 1 Timothy 3:2 “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach.”

And, if you go through the rest of the chapter, it lists all the things an elder must be, the character that they must have. It all speaks of someone who is not waiting to be stirred up to action, but someone who is already running their race with all their heart.

If you know that you are called to do something big for God, yet nothing is happening in your life, it could be that you are not waiting on God but that God is waiting on you. He is waiting on you to seek Him and hear His voice. He is waiting on you to do what He’s told you to do. He is waiting for you to seek Him for His strength to do what He’s called you to do.

I mean, it would be nice if your flesh would just nail itself to the cross, and you could become the vessel that God needs you to be without any travail. However, that’s just not realistic. Even if he such things so easy, would you really value what He’s put in you?

Philippians 3:8 says “Yes without doubt, and I consider all things [but] losses for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and consider them [but] dung, that I may win Christ.”

Let’s face facts - this is how God made us. He has put a hunger in every person’s heart to chase after those things that matter to us. Then how much more as ministers of the gospel should we chase after the Lord Himself? How much more should we incline our ear on His heart to find out what His plans are and how we can best execute them in the earth?

In closing, wherever you are today, know that the Lord is with you. He is indeed at work with many things in your life, even those you haven’t thought about. But there are some things that require you to pay a price to develop. Your relationship with God and the vessel you are are two of them. I pray your heart ignites with a fresh desire to run the race God has set before you with joy. Because when you do you part, the Lord can do His!

In His Love,

Ronald Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
Apostolic Movement South Africa

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