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Your Love Letters to Jesus

One thing we talk about a lot in our Prophetic Training Courses, as well as, well… pretty much everywhere in A.M.I is your face-to-face relationship with Jesus.

When you can learn to hear from the Lord Jesus in your daily walk with Him, you have a treasure no one can take away from you. Your relationship with Him is key to so many things in your life.

One of the ways I personally love hearing His voice is through journaling. I do this daily and couldn’t live without it!

What is it you ask?

It is when you come before the Lord with a question. Say you are wondering what your direction for the day should be, or how you should handle a certain situation.

You open up a blank document on your computer, tablet, phone (or a piece of paper for old school people:)) and you write down your request to the Lord. Then you pause for a moment and write down what He says to you in response, as if He were to address you directly.

It’s as if you were writing or chatting with your best friend. This is such a powerful way to reach out to the Lord and hear His voice.

We conducted mid term exams here at AMISA for our live students this week, and one of the questions was for them to submit a journal. One student put it quite beautifully. She titled it a love letter from her to the Lord and one back from the Lord to her.

That’s really at the heart of it, what journaling is.

If you desire to draw closer to the Lord right now, start journaling. Reach out to Him in faith and then allow Him to speak to you. Don’t be afraid of just making it up. If you are, who cares? You are the only one who will read it. This is not a dissertation that you will publish to the whole body of Christ.

This is an intimate talk between you and your savior. Reach out to Him, and start hearing His voice in your life daily through journaling.

I want to send you to go read and article on our AMI Bookshelf that will give you some more in depth teaching about it: Hearing the Voice of God Through Journaling

Go read it, enjoy it and apply it to your life right away. You don’t have to be some super spiritual, super educated person to hear His voice. You can hear Him speak to you right now… simply grab a blank page or open a document and type away His words of life over you!

Let me know how it goes, okay?

Just know that we love you and are always there for you!

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
Apostle and Team Leader
Apostolic Movement South Africa

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